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Our Mission: To provide professional instruction and training while introducing Safe and Responsible Gun Ownership, use and activities.

The 2nd Ammendment guarantees the People The Right to Keep and Bear Arms


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  • Best Handgun Training - certified DOJ and CCW Instructor for Sacramento. Approved 16 hour initial CCW training & 8 hour renewal CCW training. (916) 744-6969
  • Sacramento County Concealed Weapons Permit (CCW) training classes - 16 hour initail or 4 hour renewal, certified DOJ instructor
  • Schedule online for your 8 hour renewal Sacramento CCW class or your 16 hour initial Sacramento CCW class. Top Notch instructors with Best CCW Training, located in Lincoln.
  • Apply for your Sacramento County CCW Permit. This is the new and revised DOJ CCW application required by Sacramento County Sheriff Department. Provided by Best CCW Training in Lincoln, CA.
  • Sacramento County CCW course fees for 16 hour initial 16 hour Sacramento County CCW course or 8 hour Sacramento County CCW renewal training with Best CCW Training
  • The Fequently Asked Questions page for Sacramento County CCW permits and training. Everything you need to know about Sacramento County CCW permits.
  • Obtain a Non-Resident Utah CCW permit which is valid and honored in 36 states. Provided by Best CCW Training (916) 744-6969
  • Best Handgun training is located in Lincoln CA. Features both indoor and outdoor ranges for Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Personal Protection. (916) 295-8489
  • Chief Firearms Instructor John A Taylor, Best Handgun Training located in Northern CA. (916) 295-8489
  • Selecting the best handgun for your use. Options to consider before you purchase a handgun. Provided by Best Handgun Training
  • National Rifle Asscoiation certified courses offered by Best Handgun Training. Learn the elements of Self Defense with Firearms.
  • Learn the essentials of gun safety and pistols. Includes on the range instruction. If you are gun owner, this teaches you how to shoot skillfully and safely.
  • NRA certified Home Firearms Safety Course Provided by Best Handgun Training. Children are instructed what to do when they come across a gun.
  • Personal Protection Inside The Home course offered by Best Handgun Training. Now that you have a firearm, learn the essentials of using it safely. Be prepared for a Home Invasion, Robber or Burglar.
  • Personal Protection Outside the Home course offered by Best Handgun Training. If you have a Concealed Weapons Permit, this is a course that you need to take. It may save your life. Designed for all CCW permit holders nationwide.
  • The Refuse to Be A Victim is a course which is tailored for everybody. Dont be a Victim of a Crime. Crime Prevention which could save a life or avoid great bodily injury. Offered by Best Handgun Training. (916) 295-8489
  • NRA Gun Safety Rules and the importance of them. Following these rules of gun safety will avoid negligent discharges.
  • Contact Sacramento County CCW located in Lincoln, CA. (916) 744-6969. John Taylor, Certified California DOJ Instructor.
  • Sacramento CCW Training respects your privacy and will never sale your information to a third party.



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