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The 2nd Ammendment guarantees the People The Right to Keep and Bear Arms


 Sacramento County CCW offers the 36 State Utah non-resident Permit


This 36 state Concealed Weapons Permit can be obtained with a simple one day course from Sacramento County CCW Training, and passing a criminal background check.

"Reciprocity" basically means that other states have a written agreement within certain states, which issues either a resident permit, or a non-resident permit.

When taking this course with Best CCW Training of Sacramento County CCW Training, this course includes fingerprinting, as well as a certified application to submit to Utah to obtain your non-resident 36 state CCW permit. This Utah permit allows you to carry any gun lawfully in your posession while in any of these 36 states. There is no shooting or CCW qualification involved to obtain your Utah permit. This Utah non-resident permit is not honored while you are in CA.

Although this permit currently has written reciprocity agreements with 18 states, an additional 18 states honor this permit.

It is extremely important for the permit holder to keep abreast on each and every states laws once this permit is issued. State laws can change overnight (although rarely), and it is the permit holder's responsibility to confirm which states you are allowed to "carry" in.

Best CCW Training assumes no liability or risk upon the issuance of this Non-Resident multi state permit, but we keep you updated on this website. Prior to travel, check with the state which you may be carrying a concealed weapon in.  This is particularly important to avoid arrest and/or conviction of a crime which may consist of possession of a concealed weapon (loaded or unloaded).

As you will learn in the course, be aware that certain situations may get you arrested immediately, such as carrying or posessing a weapon in a secured area of an airport, carrying on federal land, post offices or federal courthouses, churches or places of worship (in certain areas), school zones, tribal lands, and other prohibited areas.

This website alone is not designed to educate the public regarding firearm laws, and it is extremely important that you take a course in this subject, and even more important that you familiarize yourself with the laws of the state which you are travelling to or through.

There are many states which offer Non-Resident CCW permits.  However, you need to know the benefits of which state to apply in. 



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