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Sacramento County CCW Training


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 Get your Sacramento County CCW permit. We are CA DOJ approved CCW instructors for Sacramento County. Whether you are getting your initial Sacramento 16 hour CCW training, or your 8 hour renewal Sacramento CCW training, we are your BEST option for obtaining the training and certification that you need to satisfy both Sacramento CCW requirements and the State of California new laws (Senate Bill 2) which went into effect on 01/01/2024.

The new laws do require Sacramento CCW permit holders that are renewing to attend an 8 hour CCW training class. Initial CCW applicants for Sacramento must attend a 16 hour CCW training course. There is a one hour mental health component requirement, which is included in the classroom training for your Sacramento CCW permit.

Obtaining a CCW permit in Sacramento County has never been easier, provided that you are a law abiding citizen, resident of Sacramento County, and you can prove that your background shows good character.  To obtain your initial Sacramento County CCW permit, you must attend a 16 hour (2 day) training and qualify with the weapons (up to 3) that you will have on your permit. To renew your current and valid Sacramento County CCW permit, you must attend an 8 hour Sacramento County CCW renewal (refresher) course. The range qualifications are on the same day as your Sacramento CCW renewal course. This is all accomplished in one day for your Sacramento CCW renewal.

To schedule your Sacramento CCW training class, click here 

********************************************************************************************* Sign up now for an initial Sacramento County CCW course located in Lincoln. The class is two days, totalling 16 hours.  Also offering the CCW Renewal for Sacramento County by appointment. Or sign up for the four hour 36 state Concealed Weapons Permit located in  Lincoln.  To register for a course, click here   **********************************************************************************************


Best CCW Training Instructor John Taylor is certified to instruct for Sacramento County CCW courses, both the initial 16 hour CCW course and the 8 hour CCW renewal course.

Firearms safety is of the utmost importance. It is our goal to educate and prepare you for the essentials of carrying a concealed weapon safely. 

We encourage the continued development of these skills, while pursuing further training courses, and going to the range to participate in the sport of target shooting, competitive events and other courses.

In this course, we will cover the safe handling, shooting fundamentals, marksmanship, firearms nomenclature, laws of the state of CA and the use of lethal force as it pertains to self defense, concealed carry tactics, retention, holstering, drawing and firing from concealment, the social and legal aftermath and effects of an incident after the use of deadly force, and situational awareness.

Gun Safety is a very serious matter, which cannot be taken lightly. Becoming a handgun owner or CCW Permit Holder assumes a tremendous amount of responsibility and liability.

Just because you own a firearm (unless you have had professional training) doesn't mean that you have the "correct" training, knowledge and ability to use it properly, store it safely, and be prepared for any situation. The proper training with a firearm is extremely important.

Our DOJ & NRA Certified Instructors pride themselves with instructing some of the BEST firearmstraining courses available to the public.

Whether you are new to concealed carry, or a seasoned CCW holder, you will find that my courses offered can be an invaluable experience.

Sacramento County CCW training offered through BEST CCW Training conducts regularly scheduled CCW training classes throughout the month.

To view the Sacramento County Sheriff website (CCW) to schedule an appointment, or to simply visit their website, click here.

We are pleased to announce that Best CCW Training now offers CCW instructional courses weekdays and weekends. Our courses are for both men and women, regardless of your level of experience from beginner to expert, and now there is an opportunity to enroll in a course designed just for your needs.

Best CCW Training offers many courses which are certified by the National Rifle Association. Be sure to sign up for your NRA class today.

The NRA does not certify CCW (Carry Concealed Weapons) courses.

Best CCW Training also provides Concealed Firearms Permit training certifications for 36 "shall issue" states. This is an excellent opportunity to satisfy the requirements for these states, while only needing to apply within one state to obtain reciprocity throughout many other states (excluding CA, as CA does NOT have reciprocity agreements with any other state).

Although Best CCW Training provides CCW Training and Instructions/Certifications/Qualifications in 38 states, this does not apply to all CA counties. CA CCW requirements vary from county to county. Please email or call for further clarifications.

This website is hosted and maintained by Best Handgun Training and is not endorsed, affiliated with, or sponsored by the DOJ or the National Rifle Association.





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