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Sacramento County CCW Training


Frequently Asked Questions


How large are the general classes?

     The Instructor prefers smaller sized classes, to guarantee each student the opportunity of personal one-on-one instruction during live-fire exercises.  On average, the Instructor closes the attendance after 10 students have enrolled, or brings in additional certified instructor team members as needed.  


Will I receive a CCW training certificate after the course?

       Yes, all courses are certified for the county which you reside in. This certificate does not allow you to carry a concealed weapon.  You take the certificate of your training completion to your issuing authority (Sheriff Department) for your issuance (see application instructions).  The Sheriff Department will either issue or deny a CCW.


What are the requirements to receive a Sacramento County CCW?

       You must have maintained residency in Sacramento County for at least one year, be at least 21 years of age, have no criminal conviction disqualifiers, no history of mental disorders, no drug or alcohol dependencies, and a decent driving record.   


Must I have a "Good Cause" to obtain a CCW permit?

        There is no "good cause" required to obtain a Sacramento County CCW permit.


How many weapons should I bring?

       You can have up to 3 weapons on your permit, provided that you qualify with each one.  The weapons must be between 22 caliber, and no larger than a 45 caliber.  No AR platform style allowed on a Sacramento CCW permit. All weapons must be registered to you.  It is highly recommended that the weapon remain within the manufacturer specifications. For Sacramento County CCW permits it is permissable for barrel conversions, qualifying with all caliber conversions. You should consider to avoid performing a modification to the firearms, such as trigger pull modification, recoil spring modification, etc. Adding flashlights, laser or other sights, and changing grips are acceptable.  You must qualify with each weapon to be placed on your permit.


Can I get a Private Lesson?

     There is usually an additional cost of $300.00 for a private lesson. Private lessons may be offered with a very limited availability throughout the month. 


How do I enroll in a course?

     Schedule your Sacramento County CCW training course with our 24/7 online scheduling calendar.


How much does it cost for a course?

     Please click on the appropriate link to the left.  The course dues, requirements or pre-requisites will be on that web page.  

How do I pay for a course?

     We offer several methods of payment.  Pay for your course upon arrival, using cash, debit or credit card. The $20 range fee must be paid in cash only, upon arrival to your Sacramento County CCW training class.


Should I bring my own firearm to the course?

     For CCW training, you must bring all firearms which you will have on your permit. You must "qualify" with each weapon.  In all cases, there is absolutely no ammunition or guns allowed in the classroom environment. You must leave guns and ammo in your vehicle until instructed to bring it in.  Be sure to transport your firearm in accordance to CA state law.  

Can pregnant women or nursing mothers attend a course?

     Pregnant women are encouraged to discuss their participation in firearms courses with their physicians prior to taking the course.  You should discuss the effects of loud sounds and airborne lead particulate.  If any students are pregnant or nursing an infant, they should not handle any chemicals, lubricants or solvents unless they have discussed doing so with their physician.


What kind of participation is involved in a CCW course?

     Students must demonstrate safe gun handling skills prior to participating in live-fire exercises. Students will be required to participate in group discussions regarding the laws surrounding your Sacramento County CCW permit. This includes local laws, state laws and federal laws.


Am I able to take a course if I have a physical limitation or disability?

     Some students will not be able to assume certain shooting positions (such as standing, kneeling or squatting shooting positions) because of physical limitations or disabilities. The presence of a physical limitation or disability does not by itself affect a student’s eligibility to attend the course or receive a certificate of completion. Most exercises may be adapted to work within each student’s range of motion/function.  Regardless of the disability, all students must demonstrate the necessary knowledge, skills, attitude and understanding of the laws of the State pertaining to firearms use to receive a certificate of completion. Also, safety will not be compromised in any modified technique. It is important to notify the Instructor, prior to enrolling in a course, if you have any concerns which may need to be addressed. This may include (but is not limited to) sore or bad knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, hips, artificial joints, deformities, or anything which may hinder or alter your abilities to perform certain shooting tasks or safety demonstrations. This course is offered to persons in accordance and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, but due to the nature of the overall safety of all surrounding students and instructors, as well as the general public, and compliance of the courses,  each case will be evaluated on an individual basis.  





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